Do you feel like you've been following someone else's blueprint for success in your business?

Are you struggling to find your unique voice in a crowded marketplace?

You are not alone. As a business owner, it can be challenging to stand out in a sea of competitors. But what if there was a way to tap into your unique human design to create a business that aligns with your values, attracts your ideal clients, and gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment?

Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Potential with Human Design

Human Design is a revolutionary system that combines elements of astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, and the chakra system to create a personalized blueprint for your life and your business. It helps you understand your strengths, weaknesses, and innate talents, and will help you unlock your unique potential and create a business that is in alignment with your true essence. You can confidently grow your own unique business and relax knowing you’re on the right path with your customized business that is tailored to your true self.

Find Your Ideal Clients and Build Stronger Relationships

Imagine how confident you’ll feel being able to identify the types of clients who are most compatible with your energy and approach. This not only helps you attract your ideal clients, but also build stronger, more meaningful relationships with them. By leveraging your Human Design, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and stand out in your market. You can also identify the strategies and approaches that are most effective for you, helping you achieve greater success with less effort and stress. Market your business with confidence, knowing that you are communicating your unique value proposition in a way that resonates with your ideal clients. This is possible for you when you unlock and begin to understand and live your design.

Discover Your Unique Business Path and Unlock Your Unique Potential

Your Human Design can also help you create a purpose-driven business that aligns with your values and brings you true fulfillment. By tapping into your unique talents, strengths and super powers, you can create a business that is not only successful, but also deeply meaningful and rewarding.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Human Design

Human Design shows us that every business owner has a unique set of talents, skills, and characteristics that make them stand out from the crowd. My mission is to help you uncover and harness those traits to create a business that is uniquely yours.

I will work with you to translate your Human Design insights into tangible and practical business strategies, including branding, marketing, sales, and more. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, I can help you create a business that is in alignment with your true self.

But the benefits of Human Design don’t stop there. By applying this tool to your business, you will also:

  • Improve your communication with clients and colleagues
  • Make better decisions based on your unique design
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm by aligning with your natural flow
  • Create a more harmonious work environment

When you align your business with your unique Human Design, you can:

  • Attract clients who resonate with your message and values
  • Create marketing and branding that authentically represents who you are
  • Build a business that gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment
  • Tap into your natural strengths and abilities to achieve success on your own terms
  • Find your purpose and live a fulfilling life.
  • Align your business with your Human Design and you can create a business that supports your personal growth and helps you achieve your goals – removing resistance to your natural energy.
  • Boost Self-Confidence and feel more comfortable in your own skin. This translates into more confident communication, stronger relationships, and greater success in all areas of your business.

So, whether you are just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, Human Design can help you achieve success on your own terms. It’s time to embrace your unique gifts and apply them to your business. Ready to discover the power of your unique Human Design in business? Let’s get started!

Welcome to a new way of doing business!


Hi! I’m Sally Raines, a 2/4 Sacral Generator. After spending decades being unhappy in the corporate world, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey years ago.

Discovering human design and understanding how I’m truly designed to run my business was a game-changer for me. It has unleashed confidence and happiness knowing that I’m on the right path and I’m helping the people I am here to help. I can’t wait to help you discover your true potential and your business blueprint!

I am a Licensed Certified BG5BI Professional officially trained through BG5BI Business Institute.

Please check out my listing on the BG5BI Business Institute Website.

Please be aware that there are individuals using The Human Design, BG5 & OC16 Systems that are not legally sanctioned by Jovian Archive (rights holder) or the BG5 Business Institute, nor certified or licensed by the International Human Design School or the BG5 Business Institute (professional certification authorities).

When you work with me, you can be confident that you are receiving the information from someone who has been properly trained and certified as a BG5 Professional.


75-minute Level 1 Human Design Business Analysis


Provides an Analysis of:
  • Ideal Career Type
  • How do you best interact with others
  • How do you best make decisions
  • Important signposts to keep you on track
  • How do you process information
  • What work setting do you operate best in
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Your exact (to the minute) birth time is important so you get accurate nuances of your chart

You can find it on a birth certificate, calling the hospital where you were born, your baby book if you have one, the office of vital statistics, etc.

There are people who do ‘vedic birth time rectification’. Try to Google that and see if you can get help from a vedic astrologer who does birth time rectification.

You can also try this free rectification chart website

The birth location is important for the Time Zone you were born in. So if you were born in a tiny town that doesn’t show up, use the largest city in your SAME time zone when you were born.